More and more devices of our daily life are "smart" ranging from smart light bulbs to smart TVs to smart fridges -- everything can, and most likely will be, in the future connected to the Internet. More and more people are already used to remotely controlling their heating at home using their smart phone.

In this talk, we will, using smart home automation as an example, explain simple techniques for hacking (not so) smart devices.

(If the demo gods are friendly, the session will include some live hacking)

Session takeaways


Achim D. Brucker ( is a Professor (Chair in Cybersecurity) at the University of Exeter, UK. Prior to that, he was a Senior Lecturer at the Computer Science Department of The University of Sheffield, UK.

He leads the research in software assurance and security ( Until December 2015, he was the global Security Testing Strategist at SAP SE, were, among others, he defined and implemented the security testing strategy for over 27000 developers world-wide. SAP's risk-based security testing strategy of SAP that combines static, dynamic, and interactive security testing methods and integrates them deeply into SAP's Secure Software Development Life Cycle. He also was involved in the security checks for SAP's outbound and inbound Open Source process.