Sounds implausible? not quite.

Sure, any system can be taken down, the key question is whether personal data is lost. Article 25 of the GDPR demands we build platforms while seeking to to minimize personal data use. If you decide to make data minimization your point of innovation, you can, amazingly, build a social platform with almost zero personal data (in our case study, 5 maximum!)

In this paper we will discuss how to build valuable functions without collating personal data. We will discuss what Mozilla calls ‘lean data’ systems and how to build them, thereby making your system cybersecure by design, and beneficially also being easy to slip through the quagmire of GDPR regulations.

Session takeaways


Geoff has 35+ years tech experience at every level, from programmer, system designer and architect thru to product management and marketing of high tech innovations. He also has a high degree of understanding of the tightening regulatory environment and how to work within it yet keep innovating cyber-securely.