This talk will be a somewhat expanded version of the 2018 lightning talk that was given at a Tech Exeter meet up evening - it will provide a short overview of GPS along with an introduction to its vulnerabilities.

Following this, a series of real-world incidents will be presented along with the known impacts on user systems. Incidents will include known GPS jamming and spoofing incidents as well as segment errors and the week number roll over issue that has already caused some disruption to systems in April 2019.

The presentation will also highlight the importance of putting into place an effective risk mitigation strategy and how to use it to provide cost effective risk mitigation against some of the threat vectors.

Session takeaways


Guy has more than 19 years’ experience working protecting GNSS Receivers from emerging threats , having started his career as a Systems Engineer involved in the development of GPS Adaptive Antenna Systems for Military Users. Guy is Spirent’s specialist technologist on PNT threats and mitigation. Guy holds a BSc Honours degree in Physics with Atmospheric Physics and a Master’s Degree in Communications Engineering. Guy is a Chartered Physicist and a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation.