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The Equifax scandal has been one of the world’s largest hacks costing the company in excess of $4bn and was all the result of the failure to manage a single Open Source component.

In this session, we look at what happened and how it can be avoided. We look at best practice and try to fathom why, despite spectacular failures like Equifax, companies are still not managing Open Source components.

Session takeaways

Open Clinic

After the talk, Paul is holding an open clinic so if people want to offer some code to scan through he’ll go through the results live.


Paul McAdam is well known in the UK IT industry as Director of Open Source Management specialists, Source Code Control, but also for his roles at Microsoft.

Paul was the Chief of Staff at Microsoft UK preceded by leading the SAM engagement team for 4 years. He was involved in the creation of key initiatives such as settlement with cloud and SAM Managed Services as well as earlier versions of ISO 19770 and the Microsoft Licensing exams.

Prior to Microsoft, he was an IT infrastructure manager at AstraZeneca in the UK and for 2 years in the US. Paul is also the chairperson for the charity Sport In Mind.