Note: This is a workshop session, be sure to register your interest

In this immersive table top exercise led by the South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit, you’ll work in teams to manage the cyber security of a fictional organisation, competing against others in the process. You’ll face scenarios based on real life cyber threats, which will develop and evolve as the exercise goes on. You’ll need to use your leadership, communication and collaborative expertise to collectively decide how to protect your reputation, assets and profit.

Also, your company is made of Lego!

The session will teach you how to effectively prioritise different technical, procedural, and physical controls that your organisation can employ to enhance your cyber security. You will also improve your ability to communicate about cyber security to internal and external stakeholders.

Session takeaways


The Workshop is aimed at owners, managing directors or any senior level staff who make decisions for their organisation. Understanding of technical IT concepts isn’t required, this workshop is not for IT personnel – the game is perfectly suited to professionals from a range of industry roles, sectors, and experience. All equipment will be provided.


Sam Parsons is a Cyber Protect Officer with the South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit (SWRCCU). The SWRCCU are part of the regional Police who investigate cyber dependent crimes where the victim is an organisation in the South West.

Sam’s role within the unit is to provide organisations with free, impartial advice on how to protect themselves from Cyber Crime.

Prior to working for the SWRCCU, Sam worked for a tech company in Exeter for 7 years.