Track: 2 Talk, 45 minutes
Start Time: 16.00 Level: Mid-level, some knowledge required

A.I. Diversity, Discrimination and Nation State Defence

With an increasing skills gap, a wave of autonomous attacks and increases in cyber crime - police, military, governments and global enterprises are asking industry to deliver “self-developing governance and defence systems”. Nicola Whiting discusses A.I.’s failures, whether we risk a ‘rise of the machines’ style “Judgement Day” and what is needed to transform the A.I. industry and the future of autonomous enterprise security. She will inspire delegates to champion ‘accuracy in automation’ in their own business/organisation, to finally.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn why artificial intelligence is the only viable way to address the cyber arms race that our industry is currently ill equipped to deal with.
  • Know what, as an industry, we must learn from past AI failings when choosing/developing the self-defending networks of the future.
  • Discover the technology ecosystem that enterprises/nations will need to develop resilient, dependable self-healing networks.
  • Understand why collaboration is key to evolving from current ‘go-to’ tools (and their accompanying alert fatigue) – to solutions that deliver reliable A.I. driven defence.
  • Be inspired to champion ‘accuracy in automation’ in your own business/organisation and pave the way for trusted autonomous mitigation solutions that will transform your enterprise security.

Session takeaways

  • Understand A.I. bias risks (data & human)
  • Understand need to increase A.I. Industry Diversity (wider views & more ideas)
  • See how to validate A.I. decision processes + data types/integrity


Nicola Whiting is Chief Strategy Officer and co-owner of Titania Group, she is also an Amazon best-selling author and is listed in SC Magazine’s Top 20 most influential women working in cyber security.

In 2019 she was honoured to receive the UK’s inaugural “National Cyber Citizen Award” for her “outstanding contribution to the world of cyber security and protection” and AFCEA Internationals’ prestigious “Sparky Baird Award” for her thought provoking pieces on A.I. and Autonomous Weapons.

Neurodiverse, she advocates for diversity in all forms, believing it will lead to broader and ultimately better solutions to our most pressing issues – in cyber security, business, and in life.

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